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The Dark Man

I recently posted this to a writing site on facebook. It was deleted. So I made some changes, deleted the one bad word and substituted it with ****. It was deleted again.

Being a sometime ‘literary’ writer I like to work on the edges of darkness, and comment on society. There are many books much darker and much worse than this, and they are sold commonly in bookstores and online. They are what I would call the ‘serious’ novels. The ones you may not fully understand at the time, that might be a bit uncomfortable to read, but that does not mean that a site dedicated to writers and writing should delete a post arbitrarily.

I’m posting the piece I posted on my writers site page here in the hope that I can get some comment on it. It is allegory, and will of course reveal a political/social meaning.

I don’t care if my serious books don’t sell. There is very little room in the market these days for serious work. Huxley, Orwell, etc don’t sell. They are books that people SAY they have read, (1984, The Doors To Perception, etc) but really they read only the synopsis, or worse, watch the movie. BUT new serious books simply do not sell anymore. Because adult colouring books, recipe books, and children’s books along with romance and erotica for women take up much of the market.

Anyway, here’s the WIP (work in progress for those who don’t know the acronym.) Please comment. Good or bad, you won’t be deleted. Unless of course you are just selling something!


The Dark Man. (A dark novel)

This man, he’s wearing a black homburg hat. His coat, a black greatcoat, heavy, resists the bitter wind and responds only to the movement of his feet. His feet. He is wearing patent leather shoes in spite of the gnarly weather. The howling wind, and sluicing rain affect him not at all.
The hat hides his face, though he walks without head bent into the slicing, ice rain.
He is the Dark Man. The man of my nightmares. Even in plain sight, he gathers shadows around him.
He crosses the street against the lights. The world moves in slow motion. There is no blaring of horns. The traffic appears to be unaware of his presence and he crosses without incident. There is a girl, waiting at the crossing for the green man. As he passes he gives the appearance of waving slightly. She looks up from the driving rain and he shoots her in the face. There is no loud retort. The gun is silenced. The man in the homburg and heavy greatcoat continues on his way in no hurry. The girl has fallen to the ground and a torrent of blood runs into the gutter. The street is awash with people, all walking heads bent. No one hears the slight crinkly pop. No one sees the man in the homburg and the greatcoat except me.
I am standing in the doorway of a closed cafe waiting to bump into a stranger and skim their credit cards. The man in the homburg and the heavy greatcoat and patent leather shoes is not my business. I am afraid of him. She is dead. Completely. There is no point in my sprinting across the road to render assistance. The Dark Man has gone before the girl screams. She is with her young man. He holds an umbrella over her, bowing to an old age of chivalry. I imagine his face turning white. He is dressed well, in a Burberry coat, she, in a long, but lightweight black Ann Demeulemeester hooded raincoat. She screams and screams and screams. I wish I were on their side of the street. I smell money on them even at this distance and fumble with my pocket skimmer wondering whether I should take the chance. The chance is not worth it and I merge further into the doorway. The man is now raising a cell to his cheek. I would have expected ear buds. He talks frantically. He wants to wave and gesticulate, but he gallantly holds the umbrella over his love, perhaps afraid that she might wash away in the deluge never to be penetrated again by his ardour.
Then the street is awash with lights, blue and red, flashing and strobing so that I must look away lest I engage in an epileptic fit.
A businessman in a felt Dress Hat hurries on my side of the street. I step out and bump into his chest, holding my small skimmer like a cellphone against his inside breast pocket. I assume he is right handed. “Did you see that?” His voice is excited and afraid. “Yes.” I say, smoothing him down, calming him. Checking his pockets. “There is nothing to be done. Be calm. You might yet have a heart attack. Be calm.”
The businessman smiles briefly, a smile as watery as the weather. “Yes. Yes. Of course. Thank you.” We speak only briefly, but he quiets sufficiently to thank me again and then shuffles off, perhaps to his office to ponder the incident. Perhaps to his wife to engage her in the detail and huddle together naked in fear of a world gone insane.

Beauchamp is waiting at home. She corrects people when they say Bow Champ. “Beecham” She says. She is readying for work. She has just spent money on a curved duty belt, designed for the female anatomy. It does not dig into the hips. She checks her sidearm and her ASP. They need to be quickly accessible. Then she checks her cuffs. We share an apartment but not a bed. Sometimes I think of raping her, but the way she looks at me it would not be rape. It would not excite. We remain chaste. I do not bring women home. Beauchamp suspects that I am gay and I do not disavow. She absently checks her glock for the second time. I have learned that it can load both 9mm and .40 calibre. She wears a light cotton blouse with a pocket over each breast. She asks me to fasten the flap over each pocket. The little black buttons are small and I spend a little value time fumbling each one. Her nipples are like teats, long and rubbery. My fingernails scratch each one lightly while I tend to her dress. Each small intake of breath generates a lightning rod directly to her cunt. Her eyes take on an almost imperceptible squint. She thinks I don’t see, or perhaps care. But I see everything. After all, was it not I alone who observed that casual murder by the man with the homburg and greatcoat? Who shot the girl in the face. A sliver of fear suggests this may be true.
“Fix me?” Beauchamp sits backwards on a simple kitchen chair. Her legs splayed. Her arms along the topmost spindle. Her chin on her arms. She lives two lives. That of the soft, tactile, scented maiden. That of the tight, wound up, disciplined, strict administrator of the law no matter her personal opinions. I am the vice. Ah! You think I mean vice! “Come on! Fix me! I’m going to be late again!” The fixing begins. Taking heavy full-bodied red hair, separating out hanks. Slowly. The feel of hair is silk on silk. A synapse ignites a wish to feel it on exposed, but yet hidden skin.
The hanks are plaited over-tight. Extreme. Beauchamp squints, but she wants it to be like this. When finished she will coil it against her skull. Hands now upon her shoulders. She is tight. Coiled up. Then gone. Behatted and wearing dark glasses.

The computer is shared. Beauchamp locks up a few folders but her porn history is effortless to access. TOR takes precedence. USB connects the skimmer and for a while at least, there is cash in the wallet. Beauchamp’s porn is of the romantic preference. Simple and naïve. Women may instigate. She is however, a cheat. A thief. She has downloaded copyright material. Copyright exists in the work. Porn too. When/if I decide to rape her, the camera will record and upload.
Beauchamp is good at what she does. She takes her training seriously. Each weekend we go together to the range to use handguns. She has a broad knowledge of such things. She can make her own ammunition. There are two assault rifles in a combination safe under her bedroom carpet. Lumicyano and a camera opens the safe. Her fingerprints are easily read. There are sex toys too, but of the simple, non-extreme kind. One of them entices me. A latex vibrating butterfly with a wireless remote control. Intriguing.
There should be something about the murder on the television. Channel surfing finally finds an item on Fox. The place, the time is right. Only one man comes forward for the camera. It is the man I skimmed. “The SUV came around that corner.” Pointing. “Had these big wing mirrors. Like the ones you use if you’re hauling a caravan. “Slammed her right in the face! Man! It was horrible.” He pauses as if deciding if he should continue. He does. “I was so busy watching that I bumped into someone . I said did you see that, and they said yes.” His description was naturally way off. My hair is red, not blonde. My long hair was under my woollen hat. It was blue, not black. My hat that is. I am confused because not only can he not give an account as to my looks there is no hatted man. I am not surprised with his description of my person. I however, saw no SUV at all. I saw what I saw. I saw a man in a homburg and greatcoat. His gun was a 9mm Beretta 92FS. There is little recoil. Even at distance handguns are familiar. Beauchamp is a remarkable teacher and a remarkable shot.
When Beauchamp works nights, I watch a little TV, often falling asleep in my chair. The channels are repeating the same old garbage. Rambo 111, Lethal Weapon, Back to the Future 2. Stallone, Willis, Mel Gibson, and Michael J Fox. They have become bores.
I settle on Lethal Weapon. It is better than the others and the shopping channels. The news channels make no mention of the man in the hat. Perhaps I was mistaken in the drowning rain. Even though it was daylight, the sky was crowded with low black clouds. A dark day, a dark man, and I in a dark mood. Of course. The evil thoughts about Beauchamp disperse. Overproof rum aids the disconnect. She is a sweet girl who still believes in the innate goodness of humanity. When the sun shines we walk together in the parks and the city. She is without parents, but has a sister in Boston. Her sister is married to an accounts manager in advertising. They have two children and a dog called spot. They are without imagination. The dog is a Dalmatian. The children, named Britney and John. I presume Spears and Lennon as their inspiration.
Soon sleep intervenes and the rattling, pounding gunshots through the big sound system fade into nothing at all. Dreams offer surcease from dark thoughts.

It is convenient that Beauchamp works the night shift. She cleans the gutters. Establishes rapport with the club crowd. Removes the detritus. “Laws are made,” she says, “for decent folk.” A balance in credit, or a large loan from a credited bank supports a request for identification. Resisted at first by a certain crowd. Batons and shields prevail and there IS acceptance in the main. The few who continue to protest are shot. Then there are no protesters. The rest? They hide in dark places and steal or starve. There are no soup kitchens to feed the homeless. Bringing them out into the open to thieve does the trick. The night is dangerous. The television channels favour action movies at night. They cover the sound of shots, body vans. Wailing sirens and human vocal chords. Vagrant babies have their necks quickly snapped. They rarely cry.
It is early days still. They say that as time passes the night will be reclaimed for consumption.
Cards now are issued only by The Bank. A delightful bonus for we who extract our livelihoods from unprotected chips. Entire lives embedded into a piece of plastic. Medical records, tax file numbers. The beauty of having all one’s eggs in one basket. An undisclosed STD can be of great financial value. It is a perilous craft. The most heinous of crimes partnered only by rape, murder, and homelessness.
At 6am Beauchamp will return, her skin a little more white than is healthy, perhaps with a few spatters of blood, though her training teaches how to avoid blood spatter. There are always accidents and mishaps.
There is an opportunity for complete silence. The apartment is according to federal regulations and is soundproof. The bed is memory foam. Have you ever
been in relaxed repose and listened into total silence? There are voices far, far away. They chitter and shout. Muddled and indistinct they are warning you. Of something.
The President has executed his Senior Advisor. The post is not coveted. She was ‘not pretty enough’, he said to a cowed reporter. He smiled at her. She was from Fox. I have woken to a Breaking News banner and it is 5.30am. Perhaps the sun will shine. The reporter is wondering if not being pretty enough is reason to earn death. The President is Emperor. Only her face asks the question. Probably hopes the President fails to notice. But he is unaware, as he is unaware of all but his power. His lack of awareness extends to his evil.



September 24, 2014 3 comments

It is only when you encounter the truth that you realise what has been a lie.


Well into my 50’s I was able and willing to verbalise my anger and dismay at the cynical manipulation of truth by the powers behind our media, and the loathsome ambition of career politicians.
Corporate media journalists would rather climb the greasy pole of butt-licking success than question the machinations of their media owners. Some even begin to believe their own lies, after all the big pay-checks come with super cleaned bums.
You can perhaps feel some compassion for ‘celebrities’ who chase fame and fortune at any price, and who do not give a shit so long as the spin-doctors continue to regurgitate vast streams of vomit.

These days I understand the impotence of this white-hot rage. I am getting old. I am going to die sooner rather than later and all my ranting over these many years has done nothing to change one solitary mind.
I am not naturally political. Not a socialist, nor a capitalist, not right wing, or left wing. Neither am I prone to being very moderate. Dress up a pig in satin and silk and it is still a pig. I have been wrong a million times. I used to think that Barack Obama was an honest man. That he had a backbone. Sadly, he and his psychopathic cronies still twist the truth for their own ends and those of the rich and powerful. After all, what is one more little atrocity committed in the Middle East? Just another crime against humanity, but committed on the side of God, and Justice, and Freedom.
Even my country Australia, sucks bum with ‘bi-partisan resolve’. Just when you think you have an honest politician on the opposing benches he or she lets you down by standing with the psychopathic loonies. They won’t stand on trial at the Hague, not one of them.

Over my almost 70 year lifespan I’ve seen how easy it is to create lynch-mobs. Herds of sheep. You only need three ingredients. 1) Greed. 2) Fear. 3) Stupidity.
Acting in combination it now takes no time at all to re-write history. As little as a few days is all that is required. Constant loops if video run over and over again bamboozles viewers into believing that they are seeing a much more massive conflagration. Genocides can be perpetrated and the reasons for them entirely forgotten by We The People in just a few weeks. Even knowing the horror of our actions, those who caused us to turn our needless ferocity upon innocent people cover up their crimes by convincing us that we truly were justified, and therefore, absolved of all guilt.
Then, in waves of self-disgust we vow ‘never again’, and we keep those vows for as long as it takes the psychopaths to count their shekels and pay off their Judases.

Do you know what TRUTH is? I don’t. So far as I can tell, truth is now only something that most people believe until we are told that we should no longer believe it. Friends become enemies, and enemies friends, between going to bed at night and waking in the morning.
I do not want to offer up a history lesson, but perhaps a small example is worth while. Before 1611ad there were hundreds of translations of the bible. Then along came James 1 (James V1 of Scotland.) This despicable creature personally supervised the torture of women accused of witchcraft. Some people think of him as a scholar and yes, during his reign culture and literature did flourish. He sponsored the translation of the bible (from the Latin vulgate), which became the King James Version, based on his ideas and personal views. Nowadays this version of the bible is the one that most people know the best. BUT if you think there were only ever ten commandments, you are deluded. That’s OK, you are one of millions. My point is that if you tell a lie often enough, and spread that lie through fear and finely tuned propaganda it becomes the truth.
During WW11 Paul Joseph Goebbels was a master manipulator and propagandist who easily convinced even the most moderate and ordinary of German folk that they were the master race. His success was international and today most Americans would swear on a stack of King James bibles that the USA was NOT funding and supporting Hitler’s gang of thugs. Not just major banks, but motor companies, newspaper moguls, and simple ordinary people who, like sheep followed their ‘leaders’.
Most British people would viciously attack my character and motives if I were to point out that at that time, the British too were anti-Jew. You would call me a liar if I told you that my own mother was spat at and called a ‘Jew Lover!’ by our own townsfolk in Yorkshire, England. Those who did not spit and heckle simply crossed the street and dropped their heads. My mum’s crime? She took in a Rabbi and his family to live in our home during the years after WW11. In the main though, when I grew up after the war anti-Semitism was not a noisy activity. It was something quietly brought up in the living rooms of ordinary folk. “They’re Jews you know!”

Who needs history lessons when history is so quickly and easily reconstructed and rewritten? Even old buggers like me end up doubting our own memories of things if a lie is perpetuated long enough and vociferously enough.
I was in the Middle East in the mid-sixties, but to this day I am suspicious about why we were killing youngsters my own age and younger. I was one of those sailors from HMS Phoebe on exchange with the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders in 1967. I have not viewed this piece of film and have only just found out about it’s existence. My research however suggests that we were lied to and manipulated by our own government. The men I served with were amazing, courageous people. We did as we were told, and in retrospect we were told a pack of lies by a despicable gang of politicians and military psychopaths in powerful positions.
So why should things be different now?

On a recent Sunday night an interview was aired television with our once Prime Minister John Howard. For me it was a shocking interview. In answer to a question put to him about sending Australian troops in to Iraq and in to combat he bare-faced stated that he was “embarrassed” that he already knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction. He knew! He lied and sent young men and women to their deaths. He showed no compassion or concern for the innocent people of Iraq! John Howard LIED and perpetuated that lie, only admitting now that he was ’embarrassed’. This man, and his masters in the United States and Britain CREATED the environment that has led to the ultimate horrors today. In my opinion, he and his co-conspirators are guilty of war crimes.
What have we become?

In the past few days the Palmer United Party senator Jackie Lambie not only posted a criminally racist and disgusting assassination of a brave Afghan woman policewoman’s character, but she claimed to be doing so in HONOUR of that woman. Jackie Lambie, who claims aboriginal heritage, (denied by aboriginal elders) is a bumbling racist who demanded that anyone who followed Sharia law should “get out of Australia!” When asked to define Sharia Law she fumbled and farted,

talking about terrorists and the Australian Constitution. This stupid, ignorant, half-witted evil-minded piece of excrement is a powerful reminder that just about anyone can take a seat at the table to decide how MY life should be controlled and manipulated. Her astonishingly racist, religionist views, full of uninformed hatred and fearmongering actually has wide support in the community! Her leader, the mostly affable Clive Palmer, billionaire miner and founder of the Palmer United Party has done nothing publicly to admonish this woman. He has simply disagreed. She is therefore, free to continue to spread the bile, bigotry and lies as a senator in the Australian parliament.

Last week the United States declared that they are considering supplying arms to ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria. Wait a minute… MODERATE rebels? That is not just oxy-moronic, it is plain downright moronic! What happens when you issue these remarkable people with guns and artillery? Do they remain MODERATE rebels? DOH!
John Kerry weighed in a few days ago with a speech on television. I heard that speech and was shocked. (Incidentally, Sky news misquoted him. He did not say “alleged”.) This supposedly informed ‘moderate’ and powerful man claimed that Australian police had just arrested a ‘large group of terrorists’ who had plans to ‘create mayhem’ by ‘indiscriminate beheading of civilians.’ He has not bothered to correct that statement. So was it true? No it was not. This is what in fact happened. Some reports say 600, others say 800 police officers swooped on a number of suburbs in Sydney. At first it was claimed that there were 15 people arrested. As a little time went by 14 of those 15 were released, and ONE person was arrested and charged with (as far as we know) sending an angry and threatening text message.
Of particular interest with regard to this story was the immaculate staging. TV and press all ready and waiting to grab their images and stories. Not much of a secret was it? Since last week the story has crossed the world, and gained credence. No one in authority has yet described the non-event for what it actually was. It was a great publicity stunt, and depressingly linked to other things that have since come to pass. I wonder how history will treat this. There is a great beating of drums right now. There is a movement on to greater things, one linked to another. The politics of fear is humming along nicely. It’s a great time to confiscate even more freedom and human rights. In fact, so great is the fear that many folk are volunteering away their rights and freedoms. Not me!

So what is next in this great saga of fear and loathing? The jigsaw is becoming clearer. At the same time as this ridiculous ‘raid’ in Australia happened, several other things were put in to play. There was a not so subtle change in the news reportage about Australian troops going into Iraq once more. Islamaphobia is being carefully and cynically marketed into the streets of Australia, Britain, and the USA.
Violence against Muslims, and loathsome commentary against Islam is becoming prevalent in the streets. While in Australia there has as yet been NO genuine terrorist attack, it will happen. It has been created deliberately and without conscience by government and police, by right wing groups, by fascists, and once decent people now believe that they are under attack and they are acting in fear. There is a genuine belief within the wider community that terrorist attacks have already occurred in Australia. The lies are becoming truth, and those lies are becoming more strident and outlandish.
Security agencies are being given powers that were previously unheard of, and the people are volunteering away their personal rights.
Just a day before the Big Raid in Sydney, the Prime Minister upgraded Australia’s security status. A few days later he made a speech announcing the deployment of 600 troops to Iraq. He said that there would be ‘no boots on the ground’. He spoke of ‘advisors only’, and ‘targeted air strikes in Iraq’. (Nothing then said about Syria. You will have to wait a few weeks for that.) Then, a few days later he made a speech about ‘terrorists’, saying that it was ‘against God. Against religion.’ Wow! Now that’s a new one for a secular society! And then came the words ‘combat troops’. Yes, COMBAT troops. Those troops on the way out of Australia were SAS, nothing but SAS. SAS troops do not serve in ‘advisory’ roles. They are not office workers. They are on the ground combat troops. So…’no boots on the ground’? Hmmm!
Islamaphobia, fearmongering, the building up of hatred against the world’s second largest religion, (a peaceful religion) leading to the prosecution of yet another war. Oh what sheep we are!

I am old. My rage is impotent. As we enter another era of war and desolation, history is both being repeated and re-written exponentially.
What will the truth be tomorrow?
I am Australian. Every day on the streets of our cities Muslim women are attacked, terrorised and molested because they wear the hijab. They go largely unreported. I walk the streets of our suburb, day and night without fear. I have a house tenanted by three refugee boys, all Muslims. I cannot stop what is happening, but I can say this. I am sorry. I am so sorry.

UPDATE: The one man who was arrested and charged with ‘terrorist related’ crimes has appeared in court. He was found in possession of 4 rounds of ammunition (no firearms), left over from the last time he went hunting, and a broken Taser, given to him by a friend for repair. He was given a $500 fine and a good behaviour bond. That is what it took between 600 and 800 armed and dangerous police officers to be called out for.



Any half decent human being could be forgiven these days for giving Islam a wide berth. Or avoiding it like the plague. And at the risk of being caterwauled down someone has to say something because the mainstream media and the pollies are too damn skittish to say what a great many decent Muslims , Christians, and Atheists are thinking (even if they are too

scared to say it out loud.) 


What  religion allows itself to be torn apart and rendered despicable by psychopaths who justify turning the human race into savage animals in the  name of their God? Islam.

Hundreds of millions of good, decent people, terrorized by their radical brain dead numb-nut psychopaths and sociopaths are afraid to speak out against their own.

Where are the raised voices of decent Muslims? They are silent. Terrorized by their own madmen and their mad clerics.


Islam has become a religion in rout, destroying itself from within, without a finger needed to be lifted against it. A religion devoid of courage, cowed by psychopaths, sociopaths, and idiot radicals.


Now, non-Muslims, Christians, and Atheists, Buddhists, Jews, and Janes have no need to raise so much as a squeak of protest or argument. Islam is performing its own suicidal act, turning even those of the Muslim faith against it. But decent Muslim folk DO need to speak out now. If only in support of their own brothers and sisters.


How the radical Christians are laughing as one atrocity after another is piled up in the name of Allah.


Who needs to raise a voice or take up arms against this mindless brutality when radical Islamists are doing the work for them?  Only Muslims, sadly.


The politically correct western media, guilty of cowardice, fails at every turn to condem Islam for its support, tacit or otherwise of the psychopaths, and sociopaths tearing apart the fabric of the Muslim faith. Islam by its failure to condemn and contain its own brutal excesses is seen by all others as condoning the indefensible.


Islam has become sick, and the cancer is killing it far more efficiently than any outside forces are perceived to be doing by the mad men.


Only a handful of years ago, traveling living, and working in Malaysia was a safe, pleasurable thing to do. All of a sudden the political scene changed, and with it the culture. The openness of trade, dress, eating and entertainment shut down with stunning speed, The people, especially those of non-Malay origin and background, like the Chinese Malays, began to watch their words.


Islam rapidly became the only voice tolerated, and that voice was authoritarian and political.  The State dictated to by religion. Many of the freedoms which were considered to be the norm under the abrasive but oddly likable Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, retracted, and the radical clerics began to emerge. In a very short time Kuala Lumpur, once vibrant, began to labour under a frisson of indefinable fear. The young, educated and buoyant boys and girls began to cover their limbs, modify their language, and look warily at the police and authority. What had been relatively benign quickly became mildly scary. 


The markets and the Chinatown district became suddenly drab and devoid of colour.


The message of Islam and the new political system began to show in the billboards and in the newspapers and on television.


Tourism gravitated towards Saudi and the Middle East, and the colour in the streets turned predominantly black.


In Indonesia, Jakarta, a similar phenomenon began and an iron-fisted Islam began to predominate.


There was little condemnation of atrocities perpetrated in the west by Islamic radicals. Fundamentalism inside the societies appeared to condone the psychopathology. At worst, the radicalized youth was not condemned for their actions and words. Their anti-western rhetoric hardly commented upon.


At home we have adopted a politically correct stance throughout our media and coyly skated over the fact that brutal atrocities are carried out in the name of Allah. In the name of Islam.


Using moderation as an excuse, we have refused to see, or at least admit that Islam has come out all duked up, using radical psychopaths in an all-out war with what they perceive to be Christianity. Where we have laws governing what we can say and how we can say it, there is no such thing in Islam. If you are not with them, you are against them seems now to be the rule.


The mad clerics, radicalized youth, and political authoritarians have declared war on their own decent people, who are now afraid to speak out against brutality. The way things are it seems that moderate Muslims had just better keep their traps shut and turn their faces away or they too will suffer the same fate that is meted out on the infidel. Bow to Allah or be judged . Good people live in fear of speaking out. 


That is Islam today, and if Islam is to survive as one of the world’s great religions over the next decades, decent Muslims everywhere should, must speak out and show their courage against terror rained not just upon the west, but upon their own heads. . Hopefully true faith, faith in humanity will prevail, and face up to those who call the name of Allah into their vile activities.