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When I was a child my parents, and their parents had suffered through a Great Depression and two world wars. My father was in the airforce. He flew every kind of aircraft from spitfires and hurricanes to old tiger moths. We grew up in the remnants of bombed buildings. We roamed the beach finding unexploded bombs and bullets. We helped the infirm and the war weary, old before their time. My mother counselled us to embrace peace and tolerance. But sometimes we must fight. Even at the risk of our freedoms.

Today the world is at a tipping point. The United States of America is unwittingly embracing fascism, and we must fight for the freedom of expression. The US President has now banned the major news agencies from covering his press conferences! If a press conference cannot be reported on by major news agencies, then we leave the commentary to those who are of one opinion only. That of the President. This is no longer democracy. It is dictatorship. It is the rebirth of fascism.

In the new rules on temporary entry to the United States it will be required (optional at the moment) to give your social media status so that your data can be mined to find out if you have any anti-US attributes. I do not. I have anti US President attributes. Trump has become the fascist that we were always warned about.

My mother taught us tolerance, and warned us that we must create a world of harmony. It is hard, in these days to be cowed by the rhetoric of the President of the United States when he speaks about stealing the oil from other nations, about forcibly deporting ‘undocumented immigrants.’ Today I am speaking out. I WILL fight against the actions of a dictator regardless of their nationality, (including my own.).

In the sixties there was a revolution of sorts, and it has been forgotten or not known by many that there was a great uprising against war. This video of Jimi Hendrix and his “Star Spangled Banner,” is an amazing piece of commentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKvnQYFhGCc

Here is the full speech of Donald Trump’s rambling, incoherent CPAC speech.  http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/2/24/14726584/transcript-donald-trump-cpac-speech

Are these the words of a mad man? Or a man with a vision? If it is the words of a man with a vision, then his vision is of insanity and disaster.

This week the US government enacted a law which can take away all the property and possessions of any person who acts in protest. Even a peaceful protest. If you so much as carry a banner or, as they did in the sixties, put a flower down the barrel of a National Guardsman’s gun, you can lose everything you possess. Confiscated by a supposedly democratic government.

Millions now lose their health care (Obamacare). America is sadly a laughing stock. Sadly because it is anything but something to laugh about. The most dangerous man of the 21st Century is in the most powerful position on the planet. And he is raiding the coffers. Just watch the market rise! It’s good for the stock market. But remember the thirties, and what followed. I grew up in the remnants of that war. It is time for the courageous young to stand up, speak up, and defend every right we fought to give you!

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Most developed countries are talking policies that use slogans relating to JOBS and WORK. They simply do not understand that within ten years few people will be employed or working. There will of course be more leisure time. Leisure time is useless if a man or woman has no money because technology is doing the work they would once have done. Google has a good idea. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-20/google-set-to-mine-australians-hacking-ranks-in-hiring-raid/8281054. The only jobs waiting for our youth will be to come to the aid of technology.

But how do all the millions of people who need to eat, have holidays, buy houses, and contribute to the wealth of corporations manage to buy anything? People are becoming obsolete at great speed.

Here is a thought. If you have no job you have no money. If you have no money you cannot spend it on goods. If you do not spend money on goods, the corporations who manufacture the said goods will not thrive. Quickly the world will go broke.

It is time to begin to talk about how we relate to money. How we will be paid in the future. Already writers like me can no longer make a living doing what we do. Journalists are no longer  in much demand. News is collected via social media, a few staff journalists, and a great number of ‘citizen journalists’ who get paid in little more than a bask in the sun for a short while.

How on earth are we going to manage? Money has to be. Money is really only created the moment you spend it. If you don’t have adequate money to spend, you can’t create wealth, and wealth is held in enormous quantities by a very small percentage of the population . There has to be a limit point, a tipping point. I think it is coming sooner than later.




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Cover blurb for Eats and Treats

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I was recently pleasantly surprised to get a lovely blurb for the print version of Eats and Treats from my friend and author Dora Bona . Being my best friend has nothing to do with the fact that she wrote the blurb. One thing she is not, is dishonest.


It has sometimes been a bit of a bug in our relationship going back now over 23 years, that we have spent so much time and effort trying to make each other better writers. Does anyone else have a living, breathing muse? When I write these days, she is always foremost in my mind. What would she say about this? What would she like/dislike about that? Why does she have such a necessity to rage about the apostrophe. Whatever, it make me a better writer and over the years I sincerely hope that I have extended her willingness to explore the dark that is inside all of us.


There’s an old saying about truth being stranger than fiction and it often applies when there’s a really REALLY good story to be told. This one is true.

This is a story of endurance: a man stripped of all his considerable worldly possessions and driven to live on a remote mountain where he builds a home from logs and scrap metal. Sort of like Moses, only he’s not Jewish.

It’s a story of joy: he creates a simple, serene life, devoid of gadgets like a toilet, running water, electricity, human companionship or any form of communication with the outside world. He does however have two dogs. One is blue, and the other is very black. Both are his constant companions.

It’s a story of heartache: a man who epitomises the mantra of the 70’s, ‘make love not war’, yet whose life on the mountain becomes enmeshed in bitter battles for supremacy. Dominated by greed-driven conflicts with uninvited neighbours. And eventually culminating in a psychotic drug-fuelled attack on his life until his ultimate final reckoning.

It’s a story of pain: a man wracked with deep physical, emotional and mental pain. Not the transient sort – the lifelong, grinding, burrowing, relentless sort that has teeth sharper than Stephen King’s evil clown, Pennywise.

But more than anything, it’s a story of survival: a man clawing his way back into civilization, inch by inch, constantly shedding old burdens and taking on new ones, negotiating forks, bends and ditches in the road until finding trust again, and coming to rest in his own personal utopia.





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cover-imageNow available on amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.com/eats-treats-catering-couch-potatoes-ebook/dp/B01MZ2X8KN/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1484451446&sr=1-1&keywords=eats+and+treats

This was a bit of a cathartic book to write. I found myself broke and heartbroken at the age of 42 with no future and nothing more than a bare piece of land. My world had fallen apart. My beautiful wife was dying. My family fallen to pieces, and a great hole had opened in my heart.

I don’t believe in God. I believe strangely enough in angels. And I have had one on my shoulder forever. With nothing more than a 20 year old Suzuki 4wd I went up to the mountain where I had a large, barren piece of land. Soon the angel on my shoulder showed herself once more. A young man arrived out of the blue, and together we embarked on an adventure I will never forget! Come with me Dear Companion, and share the ups and downs of a very VERY strange story. I hope you enjoy it. Besides, I’m getting old now and the money will come in handy!

If you want a paperback version it will be on sale in March. But in the meantime, it’s in the kindle store. I’m not good at promoting my own work. When I write it is because I need to… have to. Have a look inside. My friend Don Castillo did some illustrations for me. Thanks to everyone who has bought my other books. The Girl From Kosovo is still available on Amazon and from Booklocker, but Eats and Treats is a far cry from that long novel. Take care everyone. I’m currently finishing a new novel.


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And what did he give YOU?


When I was small I gave you
My chewing gum with pocket fluff
Still clinging
And you showed me your pants.

When I was bigger, I gave you
A daisy garland for your hair
Yellow and white.
And you pressed it into a book.

Later still, I gave you
A silver locket on a chain
With my photograph
And you laughed with delight.

In Love-Sick adolescence I gave you
A mail-order ring for your finger
And you pretended
It was a beautiful diamond.

Older still, I gave you
My word of honour
And a promise forever
And you opened your arms to me.

The chewing gum is gone
The flowers, faded and dry
The silver locket, thin and worn
The photograph aged and wrinkled
The ring, just brass and glass.

Only the promise remains intact.

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When I wrote this in 2002 I could not have realised how things would turn out. But I was talking about the US military ferrying the heroin down the mountains. Something that has been well covered up now.



Once more the heroin flows freely
down the mountains on muleback
to Pakistan
and onward to our cities.
In Miami, and New York, and London
The Lords of the Needle rejoice.
The Taliban
lockers were blasted open
and their poison released.

400,000 now starve. No voice
have they. How could they beg
us not to slaughter their livestock,
their lives, with our billion dollar bombs?

20,000 graves of the innocent
200,000 grieving for their loss.
More millions of tears than can be counted,
And still the pretty cluster bombs
draw the eyes of little children
and rob them of their limbs.

And more… our vengeance is unbounded.
Another country, another suspect reason.
Tell me! Tell us all! Tell the Universe!
What is a Weapon of Mass Destruction?
Is it a heat seeking missile?
Is it a fighter plane loaded with bombs?
Is it a bullet tipped with depleted uranium?
Is it a man?
Is it me?

She wore a white nightdress, and bent
With her head on her hands
And whimpered.

The old man, nailed to the wall.
Bullet nailed. The O
Of his mouth still ripe with surprise.

Whimpering, in that stark silence.
A chainsaw sound
Ripping a wound down his back.

“It’s alright” He said, stupid untruths
Ringing bells of grief.
Bodies, all gone, around him.

She was warm, and young, under his hand
On her shoulder
“It’s alright” He said again.

“I am a soldier. This is what I do.”
Rattled around like battle
In his blood-rushed ears.

He pushed, she moved and whimpered
Back against the wooden chair.
“It’s alright” He said again.

“It’s alright” He said again
“It’s alright!” He said again.
“It’s alright!” He shouted.

But the note on her chest said more.
It screamed. It roared!
“Her eyes are in the jar!”

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This is not a poem. It’s a song I had in me, but as I’m not a musician, it’s a NAKED poem.


Been writing you a love song
Been doing it for years,
A song about my feelings that would
Move you right to tears…

But when I found the courage
And my fingers hit the keys
The only words that I could find…
The only words were these…

Waiting in the wings
I’ve been waiting in the wings
Years and years of waiting
While you did other things
I never wanted anything
I never hoped for more
‘Cos you belonged to someone else
But that was all before

Well things are different baby
And your first love let you down
You lean on me and need me now
And things have turned around

Your life was safe and so secure
Twenty years of steady
But then the whole thing blew apart
And you, my love weren’t ready

Waiting in the wings
I’ve been waiting in the wings
Years and years of waiting
While you did other things
I never wanted anything
I never hoped for more
‘Cos you belonged to someone else
But that was all before

Now you know just how it feels
To live with things unstable
Your life has no direction…
Your cards blown off the table

Things can change so instantly…
The blinking of an eyelid
You face the things that you did
And I face the things that I did

She’s gone now babe – she’s left you
It’s both her fault and yours
And I was ready, waiting…
You the boat and me the oars

You’re waiting in the wings
Yeah you’re waiting in the wings
Now you can do the waiting
While I do other things
It’s now that I want everything
I won’t put up with less
You once belonged to someone else
And now your life’s a mess.

Waiting in the wings
We’re always waiting in the wings
We all belong to someone else
We all want other things

The love song’s just been written
It needed to be done
I won’t be in the wings no more
My waiting time is done.


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