My life has been one filled with adventure and a multiplicity of interests. You won’t find a ‘theme’ here, but an eclectic collection of things I have researched, things I know, things I have only just realized I know, and things I am learning about. Whatever you find, it will be original, not plagiarized, not spun. I hope you find something of interest.

Blogging is relatively new to me. Mostly I write novels. My latest novel , The Girl From Kosovo  is doing rather well, and a stand alone ‘sequel’  The Butterfly Effect is due for completion.  I’m also busy creating a digital “history” of the lifestyles of the 20’s 30’s 40’s and 50’s. (If you have any old publications from those periods I would be most grateful for a donation. They can be as tatty as you like, so long as the are readable, and better yet if they have illustrations. They will scanned and put on line for free use.) Old illustrated books from the periods will be fine too.  Photographs of old household items, or dress/fashion are always welcome.

I was told at school half a century ago that I had a grasshopper mind. Unable to apply myself to a single task, I work on a hundred at one time, flying off in all directions, but always coming back to the topic at hand. I haven’t changed a bit in those fifty odd years .

I hope you find something in this blog that is informative, funny, or at least stirs some emotion in you whether it be amusement or anger.  If you enjoy any particular piece, please comment. Thanks.

Graham Whittaker



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