You can fool most of the people all of the time it seems. WHAT YOU CANNOT DO DEAR SCUMBAGBILLIONAIRES, IS FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE MOST OF THE TIME. At least GERRY HARVEY, one of the richest men in Australia is brutally honest about his attitude. WE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN USELESS MEMBERS OF SOCIETY,…

You can fool most of the people all of the time it seems. WHAT YOU CANNOT DO DEAR SCUMBAGBILLIONAIRES, IS FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE MOST OF THE TIME.

At least GERRY HARVEY, one of the richest men in Australia is brutally honest about his attitude. WE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN USELESS MEMBERS OF SOCIETY, NO-HOPERS WHO CONTRIBUTE NOTHING. We do not deserve to exist in his book. All these years he has treated his customers as his personal bank, with not one scintilla of moral responsibility. It is all about his personal wealth and his personal well being…. and sod the rest of us!

No matter where in the world you shop at a HARVEY NORMAN store, or HARVEY NORMAN ONLINE, they will happily load you up with debt.

Some years ago I went into a HARVEY NORMAN store in Bathurst NSW with my best friend who wanted to buy a fridge and some other white goods. I had money. Cash. My friend did not. It came to about $2000. I asked if there was any discount for cash and was told no, the price was the price. OK so I was still prepared to pay the full amount… with some muttering of course. The salesperson began to take out the FINANCE APPLICATION, and when I stepped in and offered to pay the whole amount in cash they refused! “Only available on our finance.” The salesperson said. I insisted that I wanted to pay in cash, and the conversation got quite heated. My dear friend, not wanting to cause a scene, decided that the finance deal was the only one to be taken, and signed up. I was of course furious! (Not to mention that at the time I made the loud statement that I believed this kind of coercion was illegal, and certainly immoral.)

Since then, things have moved on and payment by credit or debit card is by far the simplest and cheapest route to go.

In the past few days since I posted, my first piece on these SCUMBAGBILLIONAIRES it has been viewed over 1000 times…but wait! There’s more, as the direct advertising tells us. Let us move on to the rest of the pack!

Recently, Australia has been devastated by incredible and unprecedented BUSHFIRES. Many lives lost, thousands of homes, and millions of animals both domesticated and indigenous have been destroyed. Farmers have run out of bullets to humanely destroy their suffering animals.

The generosity of the Australian people has never been greater. Truckers have loaded up with fodder, there have been water carriers, volunteers, huge support from overseas from their firefighters and equipment. Most of all there have been donations of cash from even the most cash-strapped people, including those who have personally lost everything in this calamity.


In Melbourne where we live, this morning the air is still and the rain has drizzled all night, yet the smoke still hangs in the still air, and the smell, even inside behind the double glazing is sharp in the nose. WE have not been otherwise affected.

Tennis player NICK KYRIOS started a donation movement with a tweet, bringing on a whole new way to donate to the tragedy by firing ‘aces’ at tennis competitors, who also got into the act. Nick may live in a tax haven in Nassau, and pay no personal taxes or capital gains, but he is no billionaire. Probably worth about 8Mil. Whatever he may be, he still cares just a little about the country he represents.

Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban urban have given $500,000, though with only about $300 Mil to their names, they don’t even come close to the top 50 richest people in Australia.

In recent years there has been an attempt at being loved by a whole bunch of SCUMBAGBILLIONAIRES. They made a GIVING PLEDGE to divest themselves of half or all of their wealth. NOT! Tax dodges! All that happens is that they keep on doubling their money. If they really wanted to give it away they would do it in a decent and philanthropic way.

Not going there. Best to stay with Australia and some of the most obscenely rich people in the world. Starting with GINA RINEHART and the 50 RICHEST PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA.

(Gina Rinhart gives huge donations to CLIMATE CHANGE DENIAL THINKTANKS! What???

This year Australia has experienced a NATIONAL TRAGEDY. Not just the Koala population, but many other indigenous species. The human cost is inestimable too. Farmers have lost their entire stocks. The mental health cost is astonishing. Thousands of homes lost, but more than just the homes. These people have lost memories. All the sentimental things that go with a life have been burned and completely destroyed. Imagine the heartbreak of having to shoot suffering animals. The heartache of running out of bullets to compassionately put down their suffering animals. And the guilt.

Volunteer firefighters, exhausted and without pay, backing up the equally courageous paid firefighters have died, leaving behind grieving families. Families with little money, but huge community spirit.

So where the bloody hell are these 50 richest people in Australia when it comes to putting their hands into their personal pockets? Not their so-called ‘charitable’ foundations and funds, but their personal pockets?

When ordinary folk, already struggling in a failing economy can raise almost one hundred million dollars, where are the very rich? Between them from their personal funds they could raise a billion in a few days!

But no. They hide their wealth in tax havens. They infiltrate government and make damn sure that they pay as little back to the greater community as they possibly can. In real terms they pay almost nothing back to the people of the country they rip apart with their coal mines, and copper mines. They load ordinary folk up with debt to fill their coffers and elevate their share prices.

With wages growth stagnating, and interest rates coming close to zero, the people suffer, while those on the RICH LIST GET EVEN RICHER!

Where are these invisible billionaires who, in a time of NATIONAL EMERGENCY should be out in the ravaged community giving help and compassion to ordinary hard-working folk who have lost property and families? NOT ONE of them have been seen or reported to have been seen with their personal wallets open in a bid to help the people upon whose backs they profit.

With a government in their pockets why should they be there to help?

If they will not give of their time and money voluntarily, then they should be made to. If they do business in Australia, if they mine, or sell, or profit in any way from ordinary folk then they should pay for that privilege. TAX THE BASTARDS! Tax them on every dollar, both corporate and personal that they extract from the community. Now, more than ever before, the heavy lifting is being done by simple, ordinary folk. People on low wages, people with mortgages, people with pride and courage in spite of this enormous tragedy. People who pay more tax than the richest and most powerful CORPORATE BASTARDS in the land!

If they decide to leave the country and hide in tax havens, they can still be taxed fairly on their Australian incomes. If they do any kind of business in Australia then they must be good social and corporate citizens.

It probably won’t happen soon, given that our current government is in the pockets of the very rich.

And if they won’t pay their way through a fair and equitable tax system, let’s see them out there in the community. Showing their shameless faces and giving a little back to the communities that have created their wealth, and lost their own in the process.

GERRY HARVEY is still out there gambling on his horses, living the good life. Having fun with his billions as he pays almost no taxes. Why the hell should he care about the ordinary man and woman?

No one wishes it upon him but what would his actions have been had his precious race horses been consumed by fire, and his stud farm? One can only wonder.


SOURCES: I have hyperlinked some, but for research purposes here are some other links.

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