SCUMBAG BILLIONAIRES2: LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU! HARVEY NORMAN ONLINE and 1 HOUR CLICK AND COLLECTis a bot. If there are any humans involved at all they are deaf, dumb, and blind. The algorithm used by HARVEY NORMAN ONLINE is a bit like a Monty Python foot grafted on to some ancient software….


HARVEY NORMAN ONLINE and 1 HOUR CLICK AND COLLECTis a bot. If there are any humans involved at all they are deaf, dumb, and blind.

The algorithm used by HARVEY NORMAN ONLINE is a bit like a Monty Python foot grafted on to some ancient software. The only thing missing is the SOUSA MARCH. Then the foot comes crunching down with the sound of a fart, stomping on anyone who happens to be standing below.

Of course, if you put in an ONLINE SUPPORT ticket with the link they give you, you get an automated reply. It looks like this:

Dear graham, We would like to acknowledge that we have received your request and a ticket has been created. A support representative will be reviewing your request and will send you a personal response.(usually within 48 hours). To view the status of the ticket or add comments, please visit Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Harvey Norman Australia Support Team. In the interests of full disclosure I have changed the typeface. No amount of emails to them will ever get you a human being on the phone. Not in 48 hours, not in six days. Maybe not ever. They have our number. And we have theirs!

Just like a child GERRY HARVEY sticks his fingers in his ears, turns his back, bends his head and chants “LA! LA! LA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” At least he has proved he isn’t actually deaf, when, like some other billionaires, he can turn to a shareholder asking a question and say ‘ARE YOU A SEXUAL PREDATOR?” Sounds a bit like that other billionaire who fires cars into space for the fun of being immortal. The one who called a brave AUSTRALIAN DOCTOR and CAVE DIVER “Pedo guy.” Then said he was only joking. I know of a few billionaire sexual predators too….but let’s not digress too much. MR HARVEY. Our credit cards are not a bank for your online franchise. Your 1 HOUR CLICK AND COLLECT is misleading and probably fraudulent. How many thousands of rejected orders are there MR HARVEY? Orders that NEVER reached the bricks and mortar franchisees they were meant to go to. How much money has flowed into HARVEY NORMAN ONLINE that has been taken from REJECTED orders? Thousands. It translates to millions of dollars that the poor bricks and mortar franchisees do not even know about. Don’t worry though. They will, and there will be a discussion. That’s not all. Your bots never pass the complaints to the fictional SUPPORT TEAM. It might be safe to say that the operation is run by FOOLS AND HORSES. Except that the horses are innocent. My previous blog goes into the detail but just to expand a little. I wanted a new camera quickly. HARVEY NORMAN, just five minutes away had one. It was a little over $1700. To ensure I got it put by, 1 HOUR CLICK AND COLLECT seemed a good idea. You fill in the details, pay the price, and then……computer generated humiliation! Not only that, the store was paid in full, in-store using the same credit card and ID. No problem. PRAB MARWAH the sales manager is a good and decent man. To be commended. After being rejected by the 1 HOUR CLICK AND COLLECT, we paid in the store. The money came out TWICE. Once by the very entity that rejected the order. No worries. The bank is good with us. They answer the phone, and get right to protecting our assets. The money went in, then was returned after a conversation with the bank. THEN, (how much front can a bot have??) ANOTHER attempt by HARVEY NORMAN ONLINE to charge a THIRD time. OK, again no worries. Bank. Conversation. Payment blocked. That is how good banks work. They protect you against fraud.

GERRY HARVEY is 80 years old. He is of the generation that created the internet. He sold computers and computer software. He was there at the beginning so he should not be computer illiterate. Even if he doesn’t know a thing about how to use a computer or how things work, he has still been standing there for the past 40 years going…. “LA! LA! LA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” He still thinks ONLINE RETAILING is a FAD! Really! He does! Even so, he flogged off a franchise to take online orders, even though he has absolutely no idea how it works and how many of his hard working bricks and mortar franchisees are being ripped off because they don’t even get informed. It is a bit like the LITTLE BRITAIN character who always looks up and says…THE COMPUTER SAYS NO! Whether you like JEFF BEZOZ or not, millions of folk still buy on AMAZON. Most of the time they get good service. Even EBAY still manages, and ALIEXPRESS is powering along to be one of the most successful online retailers of all time. But there is the little fat man with the round face, with his hands over his ears, chanting “LA! LA! LA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” OK, ‘Nuff said. Plough on! There are bushfires and disasters and climate change to talk about. GERRY HARVEY is going to die soon enough, and never experience the joy of having created something worthwhile. All that money and we all still die Gerry!

Once again, If you are on Facebook, which I am not, please share to whatever page you would like, including the HARVEY NORMAN FACEBOOK PAGE.

Author: grahamwhittaker
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