Need some evil doing? Well, ficketty feck, you’ve come to the right place.

Amura is an evil witch. She hates mornings, and school, and the basketball captain, and that annoying Susan girl, and even that hot guy, Master (especially him). Being stuck in high school for a hundred years will taint you like that. In her free time, Amura gets her kicks by cooking up a bit of pestilence to unleash on the human race.

She would have been quite happy quietly doing wrong, but then a threat to the covens quickly escalates into a threat to all life on Earth. To save herself, Amura must save the world. Of course, being a hero isn’t really a dark witch thing, nor is saving life. She’s already in trouble with the coven – how will her sisters view this latest twist of fate? And if they knew with whom she was sleeping, well, that would be it, she’d be for the knife. Life has become a bit difficult, to say the least, but Amura will just have to suck it up and kill anything that gets in her way.

USA Today Bestselling Author Sarah K. L. Wilson 
“What a fun, engaging read! Amura is the kind of character whose voice gets stuck in your head. She’s cynical but kind, evil but good underneath and just when you wish she’d do something terrible…she does it.”

This is Book 1 of “The Dark Witch” series. If you enjoy this, check out Book 2: “The Dark Witch and the Ruby Slippers”, and Book 3 “The Dark Witch and the Elemental” is also available.
Author: grahamwhittaker
What do I call myself? A novelist? A journalist? Writer on demand? Copywriter? Ghostwriter? Poet? Is there a single word to describe all these things? if anyone knows one please tell me. I started out life as a journalist after my service time in the RN. I was 22. My love then was music writing, contributing articles to most of the pop/rock magazines of the time. As time went by I ghostwrote biographies for celebs, wrote novels, and made a general living from writing everything from love letters to translating menus in China to acceptable English. I have written greetings cards, manuals, How to books on so many subjects I forget. My living has been as a writer on demand. So, my blog is an eclectic collection of HOW MY BRAIN WORKS. Recently I started writing blogs for company blogs. In my retirement I find myself writing more, about more subjects than I ever covered as a roving journalist. I ask myself why having reached the age of leisure why I am now busier than ever before! If you have a blog, or a job to offer, I'm an obsessive researcher and turnaround time is fast. Yes, I know, I'm a HACK. A writer for money. A gun for hire. But hey... we all have our failings. Thanks for calling in. Feel free to chat and comment. I'll even get back to you with a thank you note!

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