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Just a quicky for all my friends and supporters. I’ve put the new memoir up for four days free to download. It’s a pretty decent read, even if I say so myself. (Which I do!) It’s 188 pages and should give you a bucket of laughs and a pail of tears as they say. I want to prove a point from a discussion I had with a friend who said that if I offer this for free for four days I’ll get about 1000 downloads! Well I said not and we’ve got a bet on that if I get 1000 downloads of the memoir she will pay me the entire cost! (Not!) But there you go. And here you are.

Below you will see that you were unable to load the preview. I think it is time for writers as a whole to begin to tackle the problem of the many thousands of illegal downloads. As an experiment I reduced the price to 00.00 for four days to find out how many downloads there would be. Over 1000+! Many more thousands have been downloaded on illegal sites as .pdf’s. Either we take a stand, or we stand to lose our very livelihood. I have now taken down all legal avenues to download this book, and it will remain available only in print. Sorry, I know this will result in less sales, but at the same time it will encourage only those who want to read a good book and are prepared to pay something for it. It has been priced in such a way that there is NO profit to be made. However, all downloaded versions are illegal, and I would greatly appreciate your comments if you have downloaded any copy from any site that is not Amazon. I promise I will not get mad, or get even. I just would like to know, because I have already noted several thousand downloads that were unpaid for.

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