This blog is for Australians only, but I think it’s something that should be said. It’s not an advertisement (as such). It’s not being paid for, and I’m not getting anything out of it. Well, I am actually, but not cash, and not profit. Many of you will have either connected to the already infamous…

This blog is for Australians only, but I think it’s something that should be said. It’s not an advertisement (as such). It’s not being paid for, and I’m not getting anything out of it. Well, I am actually, but not cash, and not profit.

Many of you will have either connected to the already infamous NBN and found that your internet speeds are either dire or non existent. You have been forced off your old-fashioned (they tell you) ADSL and on the the NBN simply because the government owned NBN CO tell you that there is no alternative. Their ads on television are almost threatening.  (That man with the little balloon telling you that your service will be switched of, and that you MUST go to the NBN.) Well, it’s not entirely true. Yes, you will HAVE to go to the NBN within eighteen months of it being ‘available’ in your area. There will be no choice. Unless!

The tens of thousands of complaints about the NBN are something that the current government are having to defend on the floor or parliament. The fact is that they have completely stuffed up.

Many of us believe that any government owned service is always going to be crap. “They” come back at us to tell us that NBN CO is only a wholesaler of bandwidth and that the service is crap because the ISP’s are not purchasing enough bandwidth to service their customers. Well, that’s as maybe. It doesn’t however mean that if it came to the crunch, NBN CO could control what you do, what you see, and the service you get. What most people are getting right now is not what they were told they would get. Always the same with government huh?

Some of you may be paranoid, as I am, but there is more. The fact that you have been promised high speed broadband and there are people who have switched to the NBN that still don’t have any internet at all after months and months of waiting. Others have found to their cost that they are paying the same or more for a service that is actually pretty crappy at best. Slow, glitchy, incredibly frustrating. It’s bad enough right now with ADSL but delivery of the NBN over HFC (old tech cable) is a joke at best! Here’s a quote from Gizmodo “HFC NBN is not great; you’re dealing with one of the highest contention ratios on a relatively slow technology, which means that while your peak download speeds may be acceptably fast, they’ll slow in busy periods. Upload speeds are consistently terrible on HFC. If you have it, you have our condolences. But hey, at least you have the NBN in the first place?”

HFC is the rather old technology that you used for something like your Foxtel. In many places you won’t have a choice.

SO, what do you do? Many many people, being forced into using NBN are being screwed by inefficient and old technology, pretending to be new technology.

OK I’ll get to the point. While I haven’t used it yet, I’m waiting for UNITI WIRELESS to provide us locally with an access point. I’ve spoken to users and not one single user is unhappy with it!

Here’s what to do. Go to

When you get there, simply put in your address and find out if you can get UNITI WIRELESS. The more people who register, the faster you will get a really genuinely fast network in your area without being on the NBN.

I hope this post works for you. As I said at the beginning, this is not and ad. I can’t yet get the service. But the more people who register the faster we will get it, and the faster speeds will be worth it.

Take care now. Let me know your experiences.

PS: This post was dated 23d October. Last night the ABC Four Corners programme investigated the NBN. Earlier in the day the PM Malcolm Turnbull announced that the NBN was “a mess” and of course blamed the previous government. What he said was not true. Kevin Rudd, back in 2009 made the announcement about creating a network that would be similar to the Snowy Mountain Scheme. He wanted a fast, fibre to the home network. This was howled down and blocked by the Libs and completely re-jigged to the mess we have now. I’m not political, just observing. Four Corners went to New Zealand where they have super fast broadband, with fibre to the home and astonishing speeds. New Zealanders look at us with some sadness that such an appalling mess has been created. I personally am very very MAD that Malcolm Turnbull, the arrogant and frankly LYING Prime Minister of Australia, has not only been a major player in creating the appalling mess that is the NBN, but that he, like a child at school points a finger at someone else, crying, “It’s not my fault! HE did it!”. What absolute B…. well, I won’t swear here. I honestly believe that the NBN will either be quickly sold, to defray costs, OR closed down and quietly forgotten. It certainly cannot be salvaged.

I also believe that TELSTRA (which has been complicit in the creation of the awfulness that is the NBN is silently bailing out, and starting to use it’s 5g network to create a big wireless network nationwide. Time alone will tell. Meanwhile might just be a good thing to try right now. The more people who register, the more likely you will get an access point, and a decent internet experience.

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