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Recently I became the target of posts from people who were not on my friend list. The following is a post which is not only factually wrong, but insulting. This person, who stated that I would probably delete his post, then within two minutes, deleted the post. Of course it was designed to make people believe that I deleted it. I did not.

This week I have been attacked by people described by a friend as “Jarheads with hotheads.” The posts were so stunningly hateful that I will not post them here. However, I will post the one deleted by the person who suggested that I would delete his post, and then did it himself. Here it is. I will of course refute his claims piece by piece.

Emmett Delaney said:

Graham Whittaker / You can choose not to come here. That way, you dont place yourself in harms way. It pains me, and I admit it, to see someone speak poorly of my country. I guess it’s normal to feel that way. That said, I try and remain positive minded. I imagine your statement comes as a result of yet another crazed act of violence perpetrated by some whacko with a head full of snakes. It is shameful I agree and I, like most all Americans wish this stuff didnt happen. I had to chime in here because I’ve noticed that you Graham Whitaker, seem to like to bash our country. Ive noticed several instances where you have done so over the years. What I do not see coming from you is any helpful dialogue or useful contribution as to how your American brothers or sisters) can make our country better. Just an observation of mine. You dont feel we’re brothers, perhaps? Well my friend, we certainly are. We were brothers when my country’s soldiers saved your homeland from complete obileration in two world wars. As Hitler bombed London your families, politicians and military prayed that the Americans would save the world from his wrath as your citizens were being slaughtered by the thousands. Your military couldnt stop them, Churchill’s pleas couldnt stop them. England stood no chance of survival what-so-ever! You wouldnt even have a home today were it not for Americans my friend. My family, direct and extended, lost many lives (One of my cousins was a five star mother). We weren’t defending our country my friend, we were defending yours! No army will ever successfully attack America. Ask the Japanese how that worked out for them! So, if you don’t want to travel to my country, you don’t have to. You can insult my country and continue posting rhetorical statements about it. And, I’m admit, your words are sharp as they have hurt my feelings. You see, I love the United States of America and I don’t apologize to anyone for that. I assume you’ll possibly delete my post which I’ve copied and saved for my own thread. If so fine. Until that time I remain most sincerely yours, Emmett.

I do not blame this man for his lack of understanding or education. He was probably taught these Nationalistic facts at school.  The insult to my own family who fought from 1939-1945 and many who died to protect our British Isles, is perhaps not intentional. I do hope not.

First, let me just say that the USA, while remaining “neutral” or “Isolationist” not only funded Hitler’s arms build up, but actively supported him.

In the early 1930’s one of the greatest anti-semites was Henry Ford. He was not alone. IBM and General Motors both financed and provided war materials, including oil, and gold to Hitler to gear up his war machine. Reparation money from the first war dried up as the USA (including government) and large companies like Coca Cola continued to supply Hitler with the means to kill jews, and overrun Europe.

Now, I’m not going to make this a long post. There are plenty of good research facilities on the internet from impeccable sources.

I am almost seventy years old, and grew up with the knowledge of many of my family being killed. My father flew every kind of aircraft. Churchill condemned the USA for funding Hitler, and for the massive gold heist which the USA had a hand in.

I don’t want to embarrass or blame my many, many American friends, with whom I have no issues. But I do want to educate the younger people who have recently flamed me with regard to their wishes to own military weapons according to their 2nd Amendment rights. What America does is not my business, but to suggest that Britain was ‘saved’ ONLY by US intervention after 1942 is quite silly. Had the USA, it’s government and it’s companies NOT financed Hitler from the early thirties until and after 1942, then Britain might have (most probably would have) driven Hitler from their shores. Germany was suffering a huge depression. Only the biggest gold heist ever made, aided by the US and Norway among others, gave Hitler the money to build his war machine. I hear the echo of my mothers words as I write this. I have to say that after 1941 American soldiers were not exactly welcomed in Britain. That was because Brits knew what had been going on. The comments “Overpaid, over sexed, and over here.” still echoes in my ears.

Finally Mr Emmett Delaney, just one last link for you to ponder. My mother sheltered a rabbi and his family during and after the war.


Peace to you all. If you are American, please understand that this is not personal. My many US friends will know that.

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  2. Peter Williams
    October 13, 2017 at 5:11 am

    Hi Graham,
    I understand the miscreant touched a raw nerve but please do not let that curb your freedom of speech. Otherwise such a misguided soul will have succeeded in his aim of silencing you. Many may not like what you say and how you say it but I will defend your right to speak your mind. You provided compelling evidence to refute the assertions made. His comments sadly reflect an educational system (and I may add a President) that has a grasp on reality markedly skewed by ego and introspection. For them the USA is the centre of the universe albeit with a history that goes back not much more than 250 years. Kia kaha buddy and keep on. Remember Hitler, et al, only thrived because opposition was silenced.

    • October 13, 2017 at 5:39 am

      Thanks Buddy, I didn’t actually mention the flaming of over 200 emails in my inbox which literally forced me to take the action I have. I really appreciate your support. I’m still on messenger so you can contact me at any time for some facetime. Hope the elections have all wrapped up for you. Take care and give our love to Maddie

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