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What the hell have we become!? It is a tragedy. We were a bunch of geeks playing with electronics. Trying to make things smaller and better. When the internet came into being, we were ecstatic. Some of us had a BBS. For the younger, that is a Bulletin Board Service. Information, games, ideas were stored on hard drives and if you subscribed you could log in via a modemthingy and access those drives.

But things got faster and faster, and more and more geniuses, thieves, grabasyoucan’s, came to see the future.

The only happiness is in being connected, and buying. The faster we can connect, the more useless stuff we will buy. Who cares? No one can service the debt they have now, so why care? It only makes us unhappy. Why not log on and buy something?

But what are we buying? Mostly it’s data, among stuff you buy because you got caught up in some clickbait and bought a thingy that does whatisname.

There are those who search around to get as much free stuff as possible. Offer something for free without the effort of having to go and get it, you’ll be swamped. They do this so they can save the money to buy a new pair of jeans, or a lipstick. It’s alright, the card is chipped, and you can scan it up to one hundred dollars without any checks. What’s a little more debt on top of that we already have?

We can be connected to our friends twenty-four-seven. We can insult, troll, harangue. We can even torment someone to the point of suicide. We can gang up on someone, joining in conversations into which we were not invited. No matter that the conversations are between your friend and another one of theirs. Or not. That person could be a friend of a friend. Or triple that.

We have anonymous personas that expose exactly who we are. Many of us are rotten to the core. Others, sweet and decent. There is a problem here.

Because we have become what we have become, we have invoked the greed and ruthlessness of the very rich.

I asked what we have become. I know the answer. One day, someone better than I, will formulate an idea, write the software and call us to order. Not government, not the rich and powerful. They are already feeding off the teat of we the people. No. Someone with care, and compassion, and an ability and facility to bring people together.

There is no figure on the number of suicides which would not have occurred had it not been for the internet. That’s a lot of nots, but there is truth in it.

I’m waiting.

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I like writing. I do it because of a need to do it. Being bi-polar (a term I hate and would prefer Manic-Depressive) I write the voices in my head.

But I am insular. Getting out on the hustings to promote and sell what those voices utter is anathema.

There are millions of writers out there now. Pleas, personal messages, begging letters to please obtain some of these works have not gone unheeded. Adding up total dollars spent on such works would give a single indie author a few lattes and meals at Hogs Breath, including the lobster and steak special.

Now, after 61 years of writing, I give up. Being a sucker is not a crime. It is however, stupid. I do understand that. Perhaps my judgement is bad. Perhaps few people write the kind of story, the kind of poetry, the kind of fiction and non-fiction that I love. Simply speaking, of all those dollars spent supporting “authors” there is little to enjoy.

My most recent acquisition was a book of poetry which, from Amazon cost twenty-five dollars plus postage. Thirty nine pages printed on one side only, each poem no more than fifteen short lines. It was poetry written with a first person angst that quickly became a misery to read.

Authors promote their new novels, citing wonderful reviews. Few of these novels go beyond thirty thousand words. Why does everyone think that writing in the first person is what most people want?

Spelling, grammar, even the most ordinary precepts of English are ignored, or not learned. (Learnt?)

Then there are those peddling “books” on how to write books. Written with little or no knowledge of the process of writing. They are cobbled together using paragraphs from internet blogs or facebook posts. Some almost cleverly couch the information in their own way, and bless them for doing so.

I give up.

A month or so ago I left Facebook. It had become a cacophy of noise, skiting and harangue. “Writer” pages abound, many of them with over forty thousand members. Are all these people writers? All of them? Well, they may write, that is, put words on facebook. Many even publish. They extract praise and “congratulations” from friends and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends.

So I gave up on facebook. Then there was a learning curve. It seems that one cannot really give up on facebook, or google+ or social media per se. Every time one commits to a blog, there is a setting that ensures that your post is sent to social media. If you don’t enable these settings, all you have is a blog with no one to read it because you have not made your work public.

I give up.

Recently there was a post on facebook by a very saddened lady who had deleted her literature page because no one likes ‘literature’ these days. Her posts on her page were largely inane and disappointing to her. This lady deserves massive kudos. She took the bull by the horns and deleted it.

My novels, my stories, and my poetry are all written to my blog. My published books, (all of them exceeding fifty thousand words of careful plotting) receive good reviews. Then come the requests for free copies. Hundreds of websites offer Pdf’s of my books for free.

I give up.

Writing will always be the second most important thing in life. Only family comes first. There will however be no more published books. The work is not begrudged. The many months dedicated to research and writing, then editing and sharing with beta readers is not begrudged. It has become quite obvious though that the kind of writing I do is no longer wanted.

Being an ‘old’ man now, I do understand that I have had the best of the world. A wonderful career as a journalist. Many stories told. Once, in the mists of time, people even paid for those stories and poems. It’s been a good life.

What has driven this old man back into his dark cave? Not the posts on gun control or mad politicians. No. Just one single sentence. It came from a disenfranchised youth who felt that we the older folk, no longer belong in their world. “Why don’t you just die?” it said.

I give up.

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This blog is for Australians only, but I think it’s something that should be said. It’s not an advertisement (as such). It’s not being paid for, and I’m not getting anything out of it. Well, I am actually, but not cash, and not profit.

Many of you will have either connected to the already infamous NBN and found that your internet speeds are either dire or non existent. You have been forced off your old-fashioned (they tell you) ADSL and on the the NBN simply because the government owned NBN CO tell you that there is no alternative. Their ads on television are almost threatening.  (That man with the little balloon telling you that your service will be switched of, and that you MUST go to the NBN.) Well, it’s not entirely true. Yes, you will HAVE to go to the NBN within eighteen months of it being ‘available’ in your area. There will be no choice. Unless!

The tens of thousands of complaints about the NBN are something that the current government are having to defend on the floor or parliament. The fact is that they have completely stuffed up.

Many of us believe that any government owned service is always going to be crap. “They” come back at us to tell us that NBN CO is only a wholesaler of bandwidth and that the service is crap because the ISP’s are not purchasing enough bandwidth to service their customers. Well, that’s as maybe. It doesn’t however mean that if it came to the crunch, NBN CO could control what you do, what you see, and the service you get. What most people are getting right now is not what they were told they would get. Always the same with government huh?

Some of you may be paranoid, as I am, but there is more. The fact that you have been promised high speed broadband and there are people who have switched to the NBN that still don’t have any internet at all after months and months of waiting. Others have found to their cost that they are paying the same or more for a service that is actually pretty crappy at best. Slow, glitchy, incredibly frustrating. It’s bad enough right now with ADSL but delivery of the NBN over HFC (old tech cable) is a joke at best! Here’s a quote from Gizmodo “HFC NBN is not great; you’re dealing with one of the highest contention ratios on a relatively slow technology, which means that while your peak download speeds may be acceptably fast, they’ll slow in busy periods. Upload speeds are consistently terrible on HFC. If you have it, you have our condolences. But hey, at least you have the NBN in the first place?”

HFC is the rather old technology that you used for something like your Foxtel. In many places you won’t have a choice.

SO, what do you do? Many many people, being forced into using NBN are being screwed by inefficient and old technology, pretending to be new technology.

OK I’ll get to the point. While I haven’t used it yet, I’m waiting for UNITI WIRELESS to provide us locally with an access point. I’ve spoken to users and not one single user is unhappy with it!

Here’s what to do. Go to

When you get there, simply put in your address and find out if you can get UNITI WIRELESS. The more people who register, the faster you will get a really genuinely fast network in your area without being on the NBN.

I hope this post works for you. As I said at the beginning, this is not and ad. I can’t yet get the service. But the more people who register the faster we will get it, and the faster speeds will be worth it.

Take care now. Let me know your experiences.

PS: This post was dated 23d October. Last night the ABC Four Corners programme investigated the NBN. Earlier in the day the PM Malcolm Turnbull announced that the NBN was “a mess” and of course blamed the previous government. What he said was not true. Kevin Rudd, back in 2009 made the announcement about creating a network that would be similar to the Snowy Mountain Scheme. He wanted a fast, fibre to the home network. This was howled down and blocked by the Libs and completely re-jigged to the mess we have now. I’m not political, just observing. Four Corners went to New Zealand where they have super fast broadband, with fibre to the home and astonishing speeds. New Zealanders look at us with some sadness that such an appalling mess has been created. I personally am very very MAD that Malcolm Turnbull, the arrogant and frankly LYING Prime Minister of Australia, has not only been a major player in creating the appalling mess that is the NBN, but that he, like a child at school points a finger at someone else, crying, “It’s not my fault! HE did it!”. What absolute B…. well, I won’t swear here. I honestly believe that the NBN will either be quickly sold, to defray costs, OR closed down and quietly forgotten. It certainly cannot be salvaged.

I also believe that TELSTRA (which has been complicit in the creation of the awfulness that is the NBN is silently bailing out, and starting to use it’s 5g network to create a big wireless network nationwide. Time alone will tell. Meanwhile might just be a good thing to try right now. The more people who register, the more likely you will get an access point, and a decent internet experience.

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It’s been a while since I lost my faith in buying books from new or unknown authors. Being a writer myself I like to support new writers. Trouble is, the last few paperbacks I have purchased from Amazon have been less than satisfying. In fact, the last one I bought arrived two days ago and I eagerly made myself a cup of coffee ready to sit down and have a good read. I flipped the package open and for my twenty five bucks (US) I had it read before my coffee was half drunk!

Now, I don’t like to complain. My own books are quite, well, book sized! I can now understand why people don’t want to purchase or download books by new authors anymore. Most of them could be written on single sheet of A4, and to be respectful to the writers, probably on both sides. I don’t want to pay twenty five dollars for it though! Nor do I want to pay .99c and download it. I don’t have a kindle, and I like to read on paper. That’s just me. I can settle down to the latest Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or Michael  Connelly and feel satisfied that I’ve had a good read. And many cups of coffee!

I have to admit to being a bit worried when I wrote my memoir. I thought, ummm, well, it’s only 188 pages, I could read it in about twenty five cups of coffee and a couple of donuts! I need not have worried. It was priced right, it’s a good read (I have been told.) Reviews are good, and, having bought a few copies to give away it’s got a good hefty weight to it.

Remember the old-fashioned Penguin Paperbacks? Or the Mills&Boon romance novels? Eats and Treats is sort of like that. I’m happy with it.

When I wrote my first major novel The Girl From Kosovo, now that was hefty. Over 450 pages and around about 120,000 words. Guess what? I got messages from folk who bought it saying “I don’t like long books.”

Well I can understand not wanting to read long books, that’s fine. But I don’t hear that many young people complaining about Harry Potter! In fact, many of them say they were disappointed to reach the last few pages!

What a joy it was to read in the guardian that young people are driving sales back to paper and print rather than downloads.

Well, boys and girls, men and women, people of all genders, what a pleasing thing that is to find out. People are beginning to enjoy once again the feel and smell of books. More than that, they are beginning to understand that books are highly collectible! A first edition of Stephen King’s Carrie can go upwards of five grand and more! Lovely when you can get it!

Anyway, that’s my gripe for the day. I really really really really really would like anyone who wants a good fun read with lots of laughs and probably an equal amount of tears to buy the paperback of Eats and Treats. I promise, it’s a real book, with some good reading and hardly any ‘white space’. If you want to download it, that’s OK too. But I would prefer that you actually paid something for it, even though you can read it on Kindle KDP.  I just paid twenty five bucks for a slim volume. Buy this paperback for twenty one bucks or under four bucks if you want to download it. I promise you will actually get some value for your money! Take care now. Thanks for the time.



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Two weeks ago the noise and the chatter of social media became too much for me. Ten years or more ago I believed that facebook, twitter, myspace, and google plus had the potential to inform, educate, and enrich the lives of all of us. Instead, all platforms have become uncontrollable behemoths enriching the lives only of those who own them. Everyone who signs up becomes a product. That is why facebook describes itself as “free and always will be.”
Companies like facebook, Amazon, Google have several concerns. Their shareholders and their multiplying wealth. When competitors pop up they are purchased. It is the new way of silencing those competitors. After all, money talks.
When we post to facebook, especially if we have something we believe is of value to say, we are speaking to our ‘friends’. Friends are those whom we choose to involve in our lives, regardless of whether we agree with their views or not. Sometimes we disagree, and we do so as friends. After all, debate, framed sensibly, is a healthy way to interact.
What we do not welcome, are those ‘friends’ who are ‘friends’ of your ‘friends.’ Without invitation, without any knowledge of who YOU are, they fire off comments of five or six words, simply using foul language in order to denigrate you, and your post.
We, who are not American, are denigrated by these ‘friends’ of ‘friends’, simply because they can. Whatever happens in the USA at this unfortunate moment in time, affects most of us in the western world. It affects our politics and our social existence. That alone gives us the right to comment on what essentially are World Affairs.
The exponentially increasing digitization of our world is taking our lives. Even to the point where we have been misled to believe that everything in the digital world should come for free. After all, isn’t facebook free? It even claims that it is “free and always will be.”
Nothing is free. YOU are the product and YOU put the astrononical wealth into the pockets of the few simply by being on facebook. That would almost be acceptable if our own work, our books, our articles, our artwork, our music, our photography, and even our very personal daily lives, hopes and dreams, were not monetized by social media.
We are EXPECTED to give away our months of research and work, and it has even come to the point where the very artists, writers, photographers and musicians who invest so much of themselves in their work actually believe that by giving away their work, they will somehow make profit. Inch by inch, moment by moment, those same people are giving away their livelihood. They argue that by giving something away, they will entice others to purchase what they have created. It is a fallacy.
The digital world is devouring you. It makes your political viewpoint, it promises gold and gives you little more than fleeting moments of satisfaction.
It is without conscience. Bullying, trolling, and falsity causes more than a few suicides. It destroys the soul little by little.

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October 13, 2017 3 comments

Recently I became the target of posts from people who were not on my friend list. The following is a post which is not only factually wrong, but insulting. This person, who stated that I would probably delete his post, then within two minutes, deleted the post. Of course it was designed to make people believe that I deleted it. I did not.

This week I have been attacked by people described by a friend as “Jarheads with hotheads.” The posts were so stunningly hateful that I will not post them here. However, I will post the one deleted by the person who suggested that I would delete his post, and then did it himself. Here it is. I will of course refute his claims piece by piece.

Emmett Delaney said:

Graham Whittaker / You can choose not to come here. That way, you dont place yourself in harms way. It pains me, and I admit it, to see someone speak poorly of my country. I guess it’s normal to feel that way. That said, I try and remain positive minded. I imagine your statement comes as a result of yet another crazed act of violence perpetrated by some whacko with a head full of snakes. It is shameful I agree and I, like most all Americans wish this stuff didnt happen. I had to chime in here because I’ve noticed that you Graham Whitaker, seem to like to bash our country. Ive noticed several instances where you have done so over the years. What I do not see coming from you is any helpful dialogue or useful contribution as to how your American brothers or sisters) can make our country better. Just an observation of mine. You dont feel we’re brothers, perhaps? Well my friend, we certainly are. We were brothers when my country’s soldiers saved your homeland from complete obileration in two world wars. As Hitler bombed London your families, politicians and military prayed that the Americans would save the world from his wrath as your citizens were being slaughtered by the thousands. Your military couldnt stop them, Churchill’s pleas couldnt stop them. England stood no chance of survival what-so-ever! You wouldnt even have a home today were it not for Americans my friend. My family, direct and extended, lost many lives (One of my cousins was a five star mother). We weren’t defending our country my friend, we were defending yours! No army will ever successfully attack America. Ask the Japanese how that worked out for them! So, if you don’t want to travel to my country, you don’t have to. You can insult my country and continue posting rhetorical statements about it. And, I’m admit, your words are sharp as they have hurt my feelings. You see, I love the United States of America and I don’t apologize to anyone for that. I assume you’ll possibly delete my post which I’ve copied and saved for my own thread. If so fine. Until that time I remain most sincerely yours, Emmett.

I do not blame this man for his lack of understanding or education. He was probably taught these Nationalistic facts at school.  The insult to my own family who fought from 1939-1945 and many who died to protect our British Isles, is perhaps not intentional. I do hope not.

First, let me just say that the USA, while remaining “neutral” or “Isolationist” not only funded Hitler’s arms build up, but actively supported him.

In the early 1930’s one of the greatest anti-semites was Henry Ford. He was not alone. IBM and General Motors both financed and provided war materials, including oil, and gold to Hitler to gear up his war machine. Reparation money from the first war dried up as the USA (including government) and large companies like Coca Cola continued to supply Hitler with the means to kill jews, and overrun Europe.

Now, I’m not going to make this a long post. There are plenty of good research facilities on the internet from impeccable sources.

I am almost seventy years old, and grew up with the knowledge of many of my family being killed. My father flew every kind of aircraft. Churchill condemned the USA for funding Hitler, and for the massive gold heist which the USA had a hand in.

I don’t want to embarrass or blame my many, many American friends, with whom I have no issues. But I do want to educate the younger people who have recently flamed me with regard to their wishes to own military weapons according to their 2nd Amendment rights. What America does is not my business, but to suggest that Britain was ‘saved’ ONLY by US intervention after 1942 is quite silly. Had the USA, it’s government and it’s companies NOT financed Hitler from the early thirties until and after 1942, then Britain might have (most probably would have) driven Hitler from their shores. Germany was suffering a huge depression. Only the biggest gold heist ever made, aided by the US and Norway among others, gave Hitler the money to build his war machine. I hear the echo of my mothers words as I write this. I have to say that after 1941 American soldiers were not exactly welcomed in Britain. That was because Brits knew what had been going on. The comments “Overpaid, over sexed, and over here.” still echoes in my ears.

Finally Mr Emmett Delaney, just one last link for you to ponder. My mother sheltered a rabbi and his family during and after the war.


Peace to you all. If you are American, please understand that this is not personal. My many US friends will know that.

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