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I don’t normally plug other writer’s work on my blog. But in this case I have to. (Well I don’t actually HAVE to, but I feel that this is so good I’m going to break my own rule.) Mark Anthony Rossi is a writer I have come to know over a year or so, and his work has always impressed me. When he sent me the ‘script for Waking The Lion I started reading it, and was immediately drawn in to the mind of the man who has been writing for over thirty years. In Waking the Lion you have the thoughts of a man who has a grasp of how to write, and who is willing to share the lessons he has learned over a long time.

It is a book for writers by a writer. One that should be kept by the side of any professional or aspiring writer, just to dig into it now and again and grasp some inspiration.

A really excellent piece of work that frankly I think all serious writers should have by their side. So here is the link to it. It deserves to be bought and read, (and it will be read time after time.) Thanks Mark! Well written, and well done!



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