It’s a controversial headline, but hold on. When Winston Churchill called for a United States of Europe I think his vision was of a division of countries into “states” with a governor and a state legislator. Of course De Gaulle knew it, and he knew why. He constantly said “no no no!”

To create the kind of Europe Churchill wanted would require empathetic ideologies. This cannot be and will not be for a long time.


From earliest times England was an empire building nation. Castles were built surrounding Wales, and England fought constantly to defeat the Scots.

In the time of Elizabeth 1 we began our seafaring buccaneering. We fought for gold and possessions with Spain, Portugal. We pirated and overran countries to create an empire all the way up to the days of Queen Victoria. Our monarchy is of German descent, and changed from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor in 1917 because of anti-German sentiment in the British Empire during World War I.

France too was a natural enemy. They still believe that they are superior to the English, and the English feel that they are the superior ones. It is just a natural deep-seated suspicion of each other.

We colonized India, and the West Indies, we controlled and owned many outposts of colonialism. Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon, {Sri Lanka} When we left India we gave the Indian people British passports, and brought on a massive influx of Indian and Pakistani people. They thrived, and the English deeply resented that. It is in their inbuilt racism, and even the least racist English person has the deep-seated suspicion of ‘foreigners’.

In 1973 Britain finally joined the “Common Market”. There were then nine countries.

Let me go back a little. The United States had little love for Britain before WW2. They were in fact big friends with Germany and funded Adolf Hitler with the reparation money to be paid to the nations they had ruined in the first war.

Hitler built armaments and established a dictatorial state. Italy too had Mussolini and his fascist party. The United States turned a blind eye. Only Churchill saw the intention and during the ’20’s began to build the British fleet, and supply the air force with fighter planes. Britain was alone and Churchill knew this. Britain was almost spent by the time the US came in to help, and that only because of the Japanese and Pearl Harbour.

After the war Churchill wanted a United States of Europe. But his vision was not what the EU is today. Britons feel quite miffed that France and Germany are leaders in the EU. We do not share the same ideologies. Now, the original nine countries have become 28 and the idea of a United States of Europe is obsolete. It was a triumph over the French who had consistently blocked membership.

There are too many political ideologies for the EU to work as it is. I think many Brits feel that.

Britain is, and has always been little more than a small sceptered isle. It has only a fraction of the power it once held, and the people feel that. They want to be in control, and it’s in the genes. There is no changing it. The English are English, and everyone else in England is not really English even if they are! It’s just the way it is. Multiculturalism is a fine ideal, and it is admirable that as time has passed the racism has been modified and I really believe that most British folk believe that they are not racist. But they still have suspicions about Germany. The last war is still hard wired into their brains. The destruction was terrible, and there is still a lack of forgiveness. Why should the Germans be so rich? Why give the Germans control in they EU? They lost the war. It should be us.

Those feelings are not on the surface. They are deep seated and even to many not obvious. But they are there.

In the years since Britain joined the EU, those nine countries expanded to 28. Britain was paying a lot of money and there were a whole bunch of failing countries economies. Brits were getting a lot of poor immigrants from EU countries. {That is matter for dispute but it was the feeling of the British. Their jobs were being taken by cheap Polish labour etc.]

In the end it become more than political ideology. It is suspicion, jealousy, natural hatred. These countries are countries that Britain had so many issues with over so many centuries.

England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales can’t even agree and they share the same small piece of the planet. Britain is a small group of countries bound by a union when attacked, but unable to work together when there is peace.

The idea of a “Common Market” was good. To trade together, to travel together, and to make a united Europe. But this is not what the EU is today. It is an over regulated money wasting mish mash of political ideologies. In France the extreme right is replacing the socialist left. Politics is king. That is not what Churchill’s vision was of a United States of Europe. Only when one ideology of peace is extant will there be a chance for a genuine EU.  Britain should never have joined under the conditions that it did. It was desperate politics and it failed.

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