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When I was a child my parents, and their parents had suffered through a Great Depression and two world wars. My father was in the airforce. He flew every kind of aircraft from spitfires and hurricanes to old tiger moths. We grew up in the remnants of bombed buildings. We roamed the beach finding unexploded bombs and bullets. We helped the infirm and the war weary, old before their time. My mother counselled us to embrace peace and tolerance. But sometimes we must fight. Even at the risk of our freedoms.

Today the world is at a tipping point. The United States of America is unwittingly embracing fascism, and we must fight for the freedom of expression. The US President has now banned the major news agencies from covering his press conferences! If a press conference cannot be reported on by major news agencies, then we leave the commentary to those who are of one opinion only. That of the President. This is no longer democracy. It is dictatorship. It is the rebirth of fascism.

In the new rules on temporary entry to the United States it will be required (optional at the moment) to give your social media status so that your data can be mined to find out if you have any anti-US attributes. I do not. I have anti US President attributes. Trump has become the fascist that we were always warned about.

My mother taught us tolerance, and warned us that we must create a world of harmony. It is hard, in these days to be cowed by the rhetoric of the President of the United States when he speaks about stealing the oil from other nations, about forcibly deporting ‘undocumented immigrants.’ Today I am speaking out. I WILL fight against the actions of a dictator regardless of their nationality, (including my own.).

In the sixties there was a revolution of sorts, and it has been forgotten or not known by many that there was a great uprising against war. This video of Jimi Hendrix and his “Star Spangled Banner,” is an amazing piece of commentary.

Here is the full speech of Donald Trump’s rambling, incoherent CPAC speech.

Are these the words of a mad man? Or a man with a vision? If it is the words of a man with a vision, then his vision is of insanity and disaster.

This week the US government enacted a law which can take away all the property and possessions of any person who acts in protest. Even a peaceful protest. If you so much as carry a banner or, as they did in the sixties, put a flower down the barrel of a National Guardsman’s gun, you can lose everything you possess. Confiscated by a supposedly democratic government.

Millions now lose their health care (Obamacare). America is sadly a laughing stock. Sadly because it is anything but something to laugh about. The most dangerous man of the 21st Century is in the most powerful position on the planet. And he is raiding the coffers. Just watch the market rise! It’s good for the stock market. But remember the thirties, and what followed. I grew up in the remnants of that war. It is time for the courageous young to stand up, speak up, and defend every right we fought to give you!

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