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Most developed countries are talking policies that use slogans relating to JOBS and WORK. They simply do not understand that within ten years few people will be employed or working. There will of course be more leisure time. Leisure time is useless if a man or woman has no money because technology is doing the work they would once have done. Google has a good idea. The only jobs waiting for our youth will be to come to the aid of technology.

But how do all the millions of people who need to eat, have holidays, buy houses, and contribute to the wealth of corporations manage to buy anything? People are becoming obsolete at great speed.

Here is a thought. If you have no job you have no money. If you have no money you cannot spend it on goods. If you do not spend money on goods, the corporations who manufacture the said goods will not thrive. Quickly the world will go broke.

It is time to begin to talk about how we relate to money. How we will be paid in the future. Already writers like me can no longer make a living doing what we do. Journalists are no longer  in much demand. News is collected via social media, a few staff journalists, and a great number of ‘citizen journalists’ who get paid in little more than a bask in the sun for a short while.

How on earth are we going to manage? Money has to be. Money is really only created the moment you spend it. If you don’t have adequate money to spend, you can’t create wealth, and wealth is held in enormous quantities by a very small percentage of the population . There has to be a limit point, a tipping point. I think it is coming sooner than later.




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