This is VERY short, and was written for a mainstream supermarket magazine.. I hate it! It really sucks! But weird as it seems it was popular lol!! THE END I woke up early this morning eager not to miss him. Too excited to eat very much, so I made do with a cup of coffee…

This is VERY short, and was written for a mainstream supermarket magazine.. I hate it! It really sucks! But weird as it seems it was popular lol!!


I woke up early this morning eager not to miss him. Too excited to eat very much, so I made do with a cup of coffee and two slices of toast. That settled the butterflies down. It was always like this. I’d been seeing David once a month on the last Friday of each month for two years. You’d think that little knot in the tummy would have ironed itself out by now wouldn’t you?
He’s married. He talks a lot about his wife and children. I feel as though I know them all so well!
Little Donnie is just eighteen months old. I remember when he was born, and David chatted on about it all the way into town. He went home early on that Friday. “Just in case.” He said, very apologetic. “You know how it is Dora” I had a little tear in my eye. Well, you would too if you knew David.
David says I always dress beautifully, and this morning I must have had some idea…………..He says intuition is a special gift with some girls. I put on the white blouse and black skirt that stops just below the knee, and the black shoes that I bought last month when we went out. Not very much makeup, just a little blush, and a scrape of lipstick. David says too much makeup can be vulgar, and I agree. You should see some of the trollops who fancy him!
David was at the door at 9am sharp, looking gorgeous. Dashing. Epaulets on his blue uniform glistening in the sunshine. Shoes you can see your face in. David is so tall and handsome. Black hair olive skin.
When he saw me his face lit up like a beacon. Off came that peaked hat which he held under his arm while he took my hand. He makes you feel so proud to be with him. “Good morning darling”. Oh, I just melted!
We chatted all the way to Coffs Harbour. “I’ve got some news.” He said. “But I’ll tell you all about it later. I’ve got a promotion!”
“Gosh!” I said proudly. I always knew David would do well. He’s very ambitious.
We did a little shopping as usual, and stopped for lunch in the mall. Dining “el fresco” David calls it, at that pretty coffee lounge…..the one where David always has an espresso with flakes of real chocolate on top.
The day just flew by. It was on the way back that he turned his head to me, and said in a serious voice; the ‘no nonsense’ voice he uses sometimes when he’s being strict. “Dora, I’ve got something to tell you. I’m going away. To Tamworth”. He must have seen the look of shock on my face. Well, it was quite a blow. He reached out and patted my arm. “Never mind dear. There’s plenty around like me. I’m nothing special you know.”
“That’s not true !” I blurted, and then felt ashamed. Then the tears began. I just couldn’t help it. They caught me by surprise.
David handed me his clean white hanky, and I tried to be brave. Eventually, in a small voice, I said. “Can I keep the hanky David. Just a little memento?”
He smiled. “Of course you can darling!” We drove in silence for a while until my courage came back a bit.
“David?” I ventured timorously. “Can I tell you something? I’ve never said this before.”
“What’s that sweetheart?” He asked, his blue twinkling eyes so full of compassion as he looked at me.
“Well, I just thought I’d let you know that I’ll never forget you…..You’re a real gentleman, and the best bus driver we’ve ever had” All the girls agreed.


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