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And what did he give YOU?


When I was small I gave you
My chewing gum with pocket fluff
Still clinging
And you showed me your pants.

When I was bigger, I gave you
A daisy garland for your hair
Yellow and white.
And you pressed it into a book.

Later still, I gave you
A silver locket on a chain
With my photograph
And you laughed with delight.

In Love-Sick adolescence I gave you
A mail-order ring for your finger
And you pretended
It was a beautiful diamond.

Older still, I gave you
My word of honour
And a promise forever
And you opened your arms to me.

The chewing gum is gone
The flowers, faded and dry
The silver locket, thin and worn
The photograph aged and wrinkled
The ring, just brass and glass.

Only the promise remains intact.

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