ISLAM CAN ONLY BE RESPECTED IF DECENT MUSLIMS SPEAK UP. Any half decent human being could be forgiven these days for giving Islam a wide berth. Or avoiding it like the plague. And at the risk of being caterwauled down someone has to say something because the mainstream media and the pollies are too damn…


Any half decent human being could be forgiven these days for giving Islam a wide berth. Or avoiding it like the plague. And at the risk of being caterwauled down someone has to say something because the mainstream media and the pollies are too damn skittish to say what a great many decent Muslims , Christians, and Atheists are thinking (even if they are too

scared to say it out loud.) 


What  religion allows itself to be torn apart and rendered despicable by psychopaths who justify turning the human race into savage animals in the  name of their God? Islam.

Hundreds of millions of good, decent people, terrorized by their radical brain dead numb-nut psychopaths and sociopaths are afraid to speak out against their own.

Where are the raised voices of decent Muslims? They are silent. Terrorized by their own madmen and their mad clerics.


Islam has become a religion in rout, destroying itself from within, without a finger needed to be lifted against it. A religion devoid of courage, cowed by psychopaths, sociopaths, and idiot radicals.


Now, non-Muslims, Christians, and Atheists, Buddhists, Jews, and Janes have no need to raise so much as a squeak of protest or argument. Islam is performing its own suicidal act, turning even those of the Muslim faith against it. But decent Muslim folk DO need to speak out now. If only in support of their own brothers and sisters.


How the radical Christians are laughing as one atrocity after another is piled up in the name of Allah.


Who needs to raise a voice or take up arms against this mindless brutality when radical Islamists are doing the work for them?  Only Muslims, sadly.


The politically correct western media, guilty of cowardice, fails at every turn to condem Islam for its support, tacit or otherwise of the psychopaths, and sociopaths tearing apart the fabric of the Muslim faith. Islam by its failure to condemn and contain its own brutal excesses is seen by all others as condoning the indefensible.


Islam has become sick, and the cancer is killing it far more efficiently than any outside forces are perceived to be doing by the mad men.


Only a handful of years ago, traveling living, and working in Malaysia was a safe, pleasurable thing to do. All of a sudden the political scene changed, and with it the culture. The openness of trade, dress, eating and entertainment shut down with stunning speed, The people, especially those of non-Malay origin and background, like the Chinese Malays, began to watch their words.


Islam rapidly became the only voice tolerated, and that voice was authoritarian and political.  The State dictated to by religion. Many of the freedoms which were considered to be the norm under the abrasive but oddly likable Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, retracted, and the radical clerics began to emerge. In a very short time Kuala Lumpur, once vibrant, began to labour under a frisson of indefinable fear. The young, educated and buoyant boys and girls began to cover their limbs, modify their language, and look warily at the police and authority. What had been relatively benign quickly became mildly scary. 


The markets and the Chinatown district became suddenly drab and devoid of colour.


The message of Islam and the new political system began to show in the billboards and in the newspapers and on television.


Tourism gravitated towards Saudi and the Middle East, and the colour in the streets turned predominantly black.


In Indonesia, Jakarta, a similar phenomenon began and an iron-fisted Islam began to predominate.


There was little condemnation of atrocities perpetrated in the west by Islamic radicals. Fundamentalism inside the societies appeared to condone the psychopathology. At worst, the radicalized youth was not condemned for their actions and words. Their anti-western rhetoric hardly commented upon.


At home we have adopted a politically correct stance throughout our media and coyly skated over the fact that brutal atrocities are carried out in the name of Allah. In the name of Islam.


Using moderation as an excuse, we have refused to see, or at least admit that Islam has come out all duked up, using radical psychopaths in an all-out war with what they perceive to be Christianity. Where we have laws governing what we can say and how we can say it, there is no such thing in Islam. If you are not with them, you are against them seems now to be the rule.


The mad clerics, radicalized youth, and political authoritarians have declared war on their own decent people, who are now afraid to speak out against brutality. The way things are it seems that moderate Muslims had just better keep their traps shut and turn their faces away or they too will suffer the same fate that is meted out on the infidel. Bow to Allah or be judged . Good people live in fear of speaking out. 


That is Islam today, and if Islam is to survive as one of the world’s great religions over the next decades, decent Muslims everywhere should, must speak out and show their courage against terror rained not just upon the west, but upon their own heads. . Hopefully true faith, faith in humanity will prevail, and face up to those who call the name of Allah into their vile activities.



Author: grahamwhittaker
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